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About us

Founded in 1985 by members Urcioli Milton Jr. and Rita Urcioli, Jotaeme was the first company in Brazil to have a mobile unit HDTV.


With over 30 years in the production and broadcasting of independent production market, Jotaeme provides leasing Mobile Units HDTV / SDTV, feedback systems in flypack, projection, high-definition LED panels. Given producing video and events, agencies and television stations in Brazil and abroad.


With a fleet of Mobile Units equipped with the highest technology devices such as cameras and HD VTs, digital cameras, editing stations and HDTV lenses,  Jotaeme meets productions in much of the country.


With all the latest equipment park, Jotaeme enables simultaneous attendance at various events, offering maximum flexibility, efficiency in assembly and quality assurance in the projection of recording.


Besides all equipment technology, Jotaeme works technical training of its professionals and employees. His team conducts constant refresher courses that put Jotaeme in a prominent position in the market.

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